The Marker

By Diana Savastano


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About The Book

In the spring of 1867, at a makeshift graveyard in Mississippi, a work crew begins the somber task of unearthing the remains of Civil War soldiers. Found in the skeletal hand of one unidentified soldier is a US belt buckle. He is laid to rest in a Federal cemetery and honored with a Memorial Star. In 1952 the marker disappears and remains hidden for over 64 years. When found, it becomes a conduit between its current owner and the ghost of the Unknown Soldier. Evil acts and murder follow beyond the grave.


About the Author

Diana Savastano

Style: Teen, Fiction, Faith, Adventure

Diana Savastano was born in Manhattan and raised in Westchester County, New York. At an early age, she enjoyed writing and laughingly says she was born with a pencil in her hand. 


Her first poem was published in a Family and Friends Magazine she created in her teens. From poetry, she advanced to writing articles featuring the events, recipes, and traditions surrounding her Italian-American heritage.


In high school her English teacher encouraged her to pursue a writing career after graduation. And she did just that. She studied journalism and then grew her career working as a reporter and columnist at various newspapers and magazines.


In 1991, she founded DRS Publishing, releasing two publications: THE COLLECTOR Newsmagazine and GOURMET FARE magazine.


“I found my niche, and for fourteen years I enjoyed every facet of the publishing industry,” she says. “Thanks to the Internet, Gourmet Fare became an e-zine, grew in global popularity, and opened up a whole new adventure.”

In 2005, she devoted her time to full-time novel writing and teaching others how to complete a manuscript and publish their own works.

“I have been blessed to stay active in publishing from an early age,” she says, noting that there was never a time when she wasn’t writing stories. “Whenever I thought I’d take a break from a writing project, the characters in my books would insist that I get back to work.”


She goes on to explain that even though a big part of her writing career included rejections, she never let them become stumbling blocks. “When you’re born to write,” she says, “you do just that.”


And so, the journey continues with her seventh book: The Adventures of Marcello Mousetti, The Leaning Mouse of Pisa, scheduled for release January 2018.

Book Overview

Diana Savastano

The Marker

THE MARKER disappears from the cemetery in 1952 and remains hidden for over 64 years. When found, it becomes a conduit between its current owner and the Unknown Soldier, who pleads that his story be told. The result of this supernatural encounter reveals a history of envy, hate, and murder. These revelations bring everyone connected to THE MARKER
into great peril.

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