A Party Without Cake Is Murder

Loved the relationship between the siblings and how the characters interact. Good summer whodunit - easy, entertaining read! Amazon Kindle Reviewer. 

Siblings in the kitchen! Enjoyable read. Great characters, especially the detective brother. Looking forward to the next book in the series. I'm a fan! JL, Paperback Reader.

Excited to discover this cozy mystery. Enjoyed the way the author pulled me into the storyline. Now, I'm hooked and eagerly awaiting the 2nd book in the series. Angel in The Books, Paperback Purchase.

Love cozy mysteries, and this one was a winner for me! Reader Girl, Kindle Purchase.

Pulled in by the cover and stayed in by the storyline. Great read and looking forward to the next book in the series. Vacant Shelf in Texas. Paperback/Bookstore

Waiting for the next book in the series. Love the characters and can't wait to see what happens in Vermont. Great read. Allison J. Chicago, IL

Will Winnie be in the next book? Hope so. Becky James

This is the first cozy mystery I've read. A friend told me about it and I purchased it from my local bookstore in the UK. Loved the story, the characters, and Winnie! Rita B, Cornwall

Two sisters agree to co-host a cooking show and call a truce to years of sibling rivalry. But somewhere between the appetizer and dessert, mayhem and murder rise faster than the bread dough.

"The Adventures of Marcello Mousetti, The Leaning Mouse of Pisa"

Review by Marcia S., USA

What a delightful way to start a new chapter-book series with a mouse hero that grows up to save his home and then travels the world with friends helping other countries.


Review by Bruno M., ITALY

Adoro questo libro e so che adorerò la serie. Sono un felice lettore italiano.


Review by Tom L., LONDON

Love the book and so will kids...of all ages! Wish I could travel the world through Web-MOS. A fun read.

The Adventures of Marcello Mousetti, The Leaning Mouse of Pisa

by Diana Savastano

DRS Publishing, LLC

Author Website: https://www.dianasavastano.com/marcello

Book Review

"The Marker"

Review by Diane C. Donovan,

Sometimes forging a new future involves putting the past to rest. In the case of The Marker, which blends Civil War history with a ghost story and an evolving romance, a multifaceted blend of experiences revolve around the discovery of a vanished grave marker and how its appearance over sixty years later becomes the impetus for uncovering the truth behind an Unknown Soldier's story, paving the way for a modern-day romance. 


Under another's hand, The Marker could too easily have become a light paranormal romance; but those expecting a simple read should be forewarned that Diana Savastano's attention to historical detail probes deeply into this evolving story, which begins in Mississippi in 1863 and moves into modern times. 


Dr. Bradley Taylor dies wearing a Union belt buckle; and so begins a deeply disturbing error when in the summer of 1867 a mission to properly bury the fallen uncovers his remains, hands clutching the despised Union relic he's tried to wrest from his body with his last breath. 


Fast forward to present-day New York City, where gorgeous news reporter Jennifer is about to receive an assignment that will change and challenge her life. No stranger to odd assignments, Jennifer chafes at the thought that she's being sent to Florida to report on life after retirement instead of being granted the vacation time she needs. 


Her resistance to her Florida assignment is changed by what she discovers there, the research she and her father conduct into the relic, and a series of events that transpire since she discovers the grave marker which slowly affects her decisions, life, and future.


On one level, it could be said that The Marker's underlying mystery, ghost story twist, and history winds into a more complex achievement than most; but on another level, sometimes Jennifer's pursuits are puzzling themselves. It's as if her life hangs in the balance between professional advancement and too much drama and between pursuit of truth and freedom and impulses to discover love in her future. 


The subplots and many characters support some of her quests while creating new questions and conundrums that pose some of the greatest challenges in Jennifer's personal and professional life, changing its direction and introducing many new possibilities. 


Drama-laden ex-relationships, an evolving relationship with a doctor, the possibilities in facing joy, sorrow and loss head-on, and surprising connections between ancestral mysteries and love lend a satisfyingly complex combination of mystery, romance, and history with just the right supernatural touch to provide an intriguing overlay cementing relationships and processes. 


One doesn't expect such a beginning to lead to detective work and deaths, but the pleasure of The Marker lies not only in its inclusion of many different threads and subplots, but in its non-linear approach to love. 


Romance fans should expect a delightfully absorbing story that provides more than a thin layer of events, but takes the time to probe beneath surface appearances and life trajectories to chart a course through untested waters.

The Marker 

by Diana Savastano

DRS Publishing, LLC
978-0-9852089-5-0    $14.99

Author Website: https://www.dianasavastano.com

Book Review

Kasey & Ivy

Author website: www.alisonhughesbooks.com.

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers www.orcabookpublishers.com

Kasey & Ivy is a brilliantly crafted book of 26 letters from a 12-year-old girl to her
friend, detailing a month-long stay in the geriatric ward of a small town hospital.
From the first letter, the reader enters into the private thoughts of Kasey Morgan.
She begins by writing about the seemingly insignificant bruise on her ankle that
turns out to be a life-threatening bone disease. During the course of her treatment,
she appropriately names the intravenous line attached to her hand, Ivy.


It doesn’t take long to see that Ivy—with her bag head, pole body, and wheely
feet—is more to Kasey than a constant drip keeping a deadly infection at bay. But it’s
her daily letters—detailing all the events—that make Kasey’s concerns, fears, and
confinement somewhat bearable. Here is where the reader garners an enormous
respect for this young character as she struggles through a treatment of antibiotics
and therapy while keeping a sense of humor.


The letters are never boring or predictable. Author Alison Hughes details every step
of Kasey’s progress and eases into areas that are somewhat scary for a young
girl—like waking up to find her hand (the one with Ivy poking out of it) so swollen
that it looked like a pillow with a fringe of fingers.


Hughes’s accounts are sweet, humorous, delightful, and poignant. From Kasey,
giving her stuffed cat to a man with dementia; to Louise (16), who not only brings a
snack cart to the ward but also a friendship; to Missy Wong (94), who just wants to
go outside to see the stars—events are described with meaningful and amusing
strokes of interactions that make everyone in the story important and
believable…even Ivy!


Kasey & Ivy is a lovely book, which I highly recommend for all ages!
I received this book in Kindle format from Orca Book Publishers.

Book Review


The Adventures of Pettson and Findus
by Sven Nordqvist


A fun story of a farmer and his cat as they try to plant their favorite crops. The
farmer sows carrot seeds and then seeds potatoes. The cat plants a meatball, hoping
to have an abundant crop of his favorite food. But the farm animals—chickens, pigs,
and cows— have other ideas. After all, they’re hungry too!


A Ruckus in the Garden is an adorable story with lovely illustrations and a cast of
mischievous farm animals that add to the fun as they turn the garden upside down.

Book Review


by MarcyKate Connolly
Author Website: http://marcykate.com
Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/Shadow-Weaver- MarcyKate-Connolly/dp/1492649953

Emmeline has a special gift: she can talk to her shadow. But here’s the intriguing
part: her shadow—and others—talk back. Fantasy, magic, and trickery chase
through the pages of this book as quickly as Emmeline weaves her shadows from
one adventure to another. I believe young readers will be attracted to this book by
the cover first, and then by the creative storyline of shadows that are alive and able
to communicate. In real life, shadows can’t hurt you. In Emmeline’s world, some
shadows are to be feared. Shadow Weaver is well written, and I know that young
readers will find it an exciting read.

Book Review


by B. A. Williamson
Author Website: http://www.gwendolyngray.com
Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/Marvelous-Adventures- Gwendolyn-

The Marvelous World of Gwendolyn Gray presents a unique storyline that leads
the reader through a dull, dystopian metropolis smothered in a murky black and
white existence. Except for a 12-year- old girl, no one within this gloomy city
notices anything out of the ordinary. It is Gwendolyn Gray who lives in stark
contrast to everyone, including her classmates—the bullies who refer to her as a
freak, weirdy, oddling. By refusing to accept what is considered normal,
Gwendolyn is able to break away from the drab reality of the city and escape to a
world drenched in brilliant colors with exciting landscapes, animals, and even
pirates. A fascinating adventure waits within the pages of this well written,
riveting story for readers of all ages.

Book Review

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