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A PARTY WTHOUT CAKE IS MURDER (A Sibling Cookery Mystery)

Two sisters host a cooking show, causing more than the normal rivalry existing between the strong-minded, competitive siblings. Add a detective brother to the mix and what boils over is a steaming whodunit murder series seasoned with just the right amount of drama, romance, and humor.

Northside Woman (magazine)

July 12, 2018

“I was really blessed with this piece,” she said. “But putting the marker back into that cemetery was a priority with me. It was a sacred piece. It was taken from an unknown soldier’s gravesite.”

– Diana Savastano

Local Author's Discovery of Civil War Grave Marker Inspires Novel

January 01, 2020

Johns Creek author Diana Savastano's novel was inspired in real-life with her own discovery of marker at antique shop in Florida in 1991.

Civil War marker returns to Natchez after 65 years

December 16, 2017

Civil War Marker Returns to Natchez After 65 Years.

The Marker Review

December 02, 2017

The Marker by Diana Savastano Added to Personal Favorite for 2017


Winslow Homer's Famous 1862 Drawing of a Civil War Surgeon at Work in the Field I loved this book! The concept and follow through of the storyline of this book was fascinating and I read it in one day, finishing about midnight...If you enjoy paranormal/ supernatural fiction, with a historical slant into the Civil War period, this one is highly recommended!


December 06, 2017

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