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I’m not a person who’s usually at a loss for words—either in speech or on paper. In fact, I not only talk a lot, I write a lot. So, when I found my passion for writing, I embraced it.

Perhaps the best way I can describe my career is to say that I never thought of writing as a job. It’s a passion: creative, fun, interesting, crazy, a little heartbreaking (that comes in the form of rejections), but always thrilling. How else would I be able to travel without ever leaving my office to...

...a seaside village in England with two kids, a cat, and a mouse;

...a lakeside villa in Italy with a children’s book author turned detective;

...a cemetery in Mississippi with a Civil War ghost;

...a Scarlett Tea Party in Georgia with a teen uprooted from the Big Apple;

...a splash into an undersea world where a princess is held captive by a witch;

...and to a famous leaning tower where a special mouse finds a way to save his beloved home from destruction.

Early in my career, I was a print journalist. One of the best compliments I received from an editor was that I had a nose for news. But that nose soon got itchy, and I felt it was time to take my years of experience and start my own publishing company. I began with two print publications: The Collector Newsmagazine and Gourmet Fare magazine. By this time, Internet websites exploded and both publications became e-zines with a global following.

Soon after, I was inspired to write about angels. This was followed by children’s adventures and my last novel—The Marker—a historical murder mystery sprinkled with romance.

When it came to writing The Marker, I found that there was no end to where my imagination could take me. The idea for the story began after I purchased a Civil War memorial grave marker at an antique shop. As soon as I held it, I felt a strong connection to its history, knowing that someday I would return it to the place from where it was taken. This extraordinary marker was returned (December 2017) to its final resting place at the Natchez VA National Cemetery in Mississippi.

Now, here’s the thing about writing: you’re never alone. Your characters are constantly talking, acting silly, and leading you around as if you’re a trained seal. The plot goes up, circles around, and sometimes crashes to the ground in tiny slivers of nothingness. And all the while, you’re on a thrilling roller coaster ride where the imagination is in control, and you—the writer—are holding on for dear life.

What now? Two books are scheduled for release in 2020: Book 3 in The Leaning Mouse of Pisa series and a new Cozy Culinary Mystery series.

Is there room between my bookends for more books? Sure! After all, I’m a writer, this is how I roll.

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